Tech Trends To Watch In 2018

Are you super excited about watching all those events? Do you even know what will 2018 bring us 'on the tech menu'? We will reveal you in this article! We are as excited as you are! How many times have you watched some tech trends over the web? How many times you actually weren't able to watch those 'events'? Why? Were those somehow restricted in your country? We are sad to hear that, yet, there is a solution for your problem! We don't want you to miss tech trends ever again! So, what should you do? Get a VPN connection! A Virtual Private Network will provide you the access to numerous servers and countries. You will be able to watch literally anything you want! How is that even possible? It will hide your IP address and in that case, your location, so you would be able 'to move somewhere else on the globe'! Let's see what tech trends do we have here!


When you just hear its name, you cannot stay calm and not ask yourself:''Is it somehow connected with a wireless technology?'' Yes, that is exactly what 5G is! Why is this a big deal of a tech trend? Because this is not some kind of an ordinary wireless technology, but the one with a higher speed, lower latency, and of course, with increased and new capacities! This one is especially practical for safety. If I may say my personal opinion, I was waiting for a wireless technology that will have such security for so long!

Oh, here we are! The Artificial Intelligence! It seems like everyone is talking about AI nowadays, and they have the complete right to talk about it that much because it will literally change our whole lives! What type of AI are we talking about here? You will be able to see its capabilities while it is performing the tasks of a digital personal assistant! Smart home sector 'is on the menu' here!


Hearing such a name makes me a bit nostalgic. You know, when I was little, I have imagined 2018 to be full of robots and flying cars and that is exactly what this name reminds me of. Will we have robots? Or do we have them already? This tech trend will represent you exactly that-the robots! They can be mostly found in houses, where they perform a role of so-called 'family friend'.

Facial Recognition

Numerous people are talking about China and their new law about facial recognition. What do you think about that? Their people seem somehow worried because they feel like their privacy is stolen in some way. What can we see here? What will this tech trend bring to us? Can you believe how your car can be able to recognize your eyes or your nose? Numerous users have a great trust in this type of a recognition. Why? Because they feel safe. Anyways, the opinions are divided, and especially for people in China, which we can completely understand.

Virtual Reality

That sounds amazing! It also sounds like some event for children, right? Playing some games on your PC or on your Play Station and feeling like you are the main character? This is not a new trend, but it seems like the developers have been working so hard to improve it. We have all expected that, right? Business-facing marketers will get a lot from this new Virtual Reality! Can you imagine to grow your business with people around the globe which are not in your office 'but they are somehow in your office'? Sounds like some Sci-Fi movie!

Ready to enjoy the best tech trends in 2018? We are too!