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"Amy Lignor is a real life treasure; her services are invaluable to any and every writer. Smart, economic, generous of spirit...Amy will guide you through any and every aspect of the writing process.  I recommend Ms. Lignor completely and wholeheartedly." -Amy Ferris, Bestselling Author of Marrying George Clooney:  Confessions of a Midlife Crisis 
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mary and Amy for years.  Never have I seen two more creative, dependable, responsive and impressive people in my life. They are the 'gems' of this industry." - Maryglenn McCombs, Publicist 
"As editor of a fast-growing book review site, I have a need for top notch writers to provide content for my site. Amy Lignor came on board well over a year ago and has been a delight to work with.  In every case she has been professional, courteous, and good-natured.  Her writing is '5-Star!'  - Ellen Feld, The Feathered Quill
"I have had the pleasure and honor to work with Amy and Mary. They are very professional and have always contributed carefully written reviews to Bookpleasures. From the many accolades they've received, there is no doubt in anyone's mind in this industry that they are a HUGE asset to writers, publishers, bloggers - and mores." - Norm Goldman, 
"I LOVE YOUR PASSION AMY!  You write amazing articles week after week—which isn't easy, and each one shows your fortitude, creativity, and diligence as a writer, which I admire greatly.  You do your research, you keep a theme running, and you put heart into it.  I am so honored by what you've done for me, and I am beyond grateful that we’ve had a chance to work together."- Marla Mase, Writer/Singer/Actress
"Amy has reviewed six of my novels, and her constructive feedback, hard work, and vast knowledge of this industry has helped me in revising my stories to be the best they can be."
- Ilan Herman, Author
"No one has mastered the 'art and craft' of writing better than Amy Lignor.  She has clarity, sympathy, and precision, and she knows how to take material and turn it into a page-turning work; and - most importantly of all - breathe life into the characters.  In a world of competent writers, she shines aloft." - Ann Seymour, Author of I've Always Loved You
I had garnered praise for my work...but the phrasing and cadence of Amy Lignor's work was so vivid and arresting, that I had a new back cover done just to make sure that the reader sees every word of Amy's superb writing."- Steven P. Unger, Author
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